Down the Rabbit Hole Week 7

'Well!' thought Alice to herself, ' after such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down stairs! 

Down the Rabbit Hole is a new series in 2014. I compile my favorite things from around the internet for our mutual enjoyment. The internet is fun! Enjoy!

The Bay area is getting pounded by this storm. Our playground looks like a swimming pool and our yard looks really happy. Sad to see so much flooding happening though.

A Hungarian analog game with digital technology called Logifaces. Looks really cool.

My new favorite place for music and my new favorite song.

An aspiring writer in Malibu.

Excited for our first giveaway next week! Have you heard of Osmo? We're giving one away.

In light of recent tragic events, Twitter friends recommended these two books to introduce racial diversity and respect to toddlers: Shades of People & Nappy Hair.

Replaced our car seats with two Clek Foonfs and I'm feeling much less anxiety about driving.

A podcast episode all about creating your own path.

Interstellar Nerds Unite!