Write a Personal Manifesto

How do we know who we are if we don't declare it?

Write a personal manifesto.

Per Jasmine's encouragement at Alt Summit, I'm writing my own personal manifesto. As a copywriter, words are how I best visualize what I am, what makes me unique, and what I'm about. I've written brand mission statements and manifestos for huge corporations as well as one person Etsy shops, and it always surprises me how quickly they focus a brand's vision, design, and identity. They can be internal or external. A manifesto details exactly what the brand stands for in straightforward, concise language. The voice reflects the brand. They're always written, but can be presented visually. I love Kinfolk's manifesto film. Nike's always the best, too. When you start to lose sight of your original vision or are lacking inspiration, it can be a reference point, a sentimental founding, and a grounding statement to get back on track. 

Do you have a personal manifesto? A business manifesto? A family mission statement? Is it private or do you share it? A personal or business manifesto can be a wonderful jumping point for a powerful About Page. If you'd like help, I write manifestos.