I'm a copy writer and content strategist living in the Bay Area. I love writing, consulting, and collaborating with great people and companies. Let's see if we'd make a good fit.


Are you nice?

I only work with nice people with contracts. Good? Let's move on.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”



Shabazz had to extend the garden to her front lawn but even then, it wasn’t enough to feed all who wanted to be involved. With neighbors January Blum and Lucas Dupont, Shabazz found a large vacant lot on Main Street and secured it as a farming cooperative. Word about Project Sprout spread throughout Kent County, so the team was invited to help start other community gardens.

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Koselig Content Strategy & Copy Writing 

Since 2010, I've collaborated and worked with boutique branding agencies, mid-sized design agencies, pharmaceutical companies, tech giants, global publishing houses, Indie magazines, tech start ups, real estate firms, Banks, freelance artists, and Etsy shop owners. Do you have a writing project you're stumped on?



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5 Things I do best because I like to do them the most:


I'm obsessed. Please hire me to do this. I LOVE it. See my naming work here.

Small Business Content Strategy

From the bottom up. New websites, re-brands, redesigns, social media onramping. We'll map it all out to the nitty gritty. I don't miss anything. See my content strategy work here.

Copy writing 

sky's the limit here. you've probably got a ton of writing to do and nobody has time to do it. I can help with that. Here's some examples of what a copy writer crafts: difficult emails you don't want to write, slides, tag lines, the NAME OF YOUR COMPANY, About Us pages, Instagram captions, books (for real, we're real writers, I'm writing one now), lifestyle blog posts, Twitter bios, Facebook ads, HR recruitment letters, internal brand books, subway fliers, launch pages, packaging, superior quips + emoji kung fu for your over-zealous-texter friend. See a glimpse of 8 years of copy writing experience here.

Email Newsletters

yeah, this has probably been on the to-do list for awhile. There's a reason why everybody has a newsletter (link to statistic of $ made from them). I can take it off your list for you. See my email newsletter unicorns.

Business Mission Statement and Goals

All 7 Habits Fans Unite. A crystal clear mission statement is crucial for any successful business. You tell me why you believe 1,000,000 percent in your business, and I'll make it sound perfect.

Personal Mantras and Mirror Affirmations

All Badass Fans Unite. I'm an inherently optimistic person and I believe in spreading positivity. I'm also into the lovely quotes and the Law of Attraction. Say it, and it will be. 


I would never boast

 words seem to come so easy

let's work together

Family Manifesto

I'm a parent. You too? Want to raise great kids? Write it down and frame it.

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I'd love to talk to you about your writing needs. Email me koselicummings@gmail and you should hear back within 1 business day.

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